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Barber Glass Mirror Products



Barber Glass Mirror Produts Clear Mirror

In 2019, brighten a dark corner with a mirror or make even the smallest places feel larger. Mirror is back in style and can be used as furniture, wall cladding, decorative ceilings, decorations, vanity mirrors and much more. Regardless of your need, mirror will add a chic touch to any room and create the elusion of added space.


Barber Glass Mirror Products Starphire Ultra Clear Mirror Low Iron

Starphire Ultra -Clear™ Mirror

This mirror is a perfect reflection of your surroundings! Ultra-clear low iron mirror allows maximum light transmission and provides supreme clarity and brightness.


Barber Glass Etch Mirror Design DecorFlou

The brightness of the mirror and the subtle diffusing effect of the etching treatment create a stylish surface on which the shadows of surrounding objects are redefined. The etched mirror has infinite applications in the design of interiors, for example as glass for wall cladding, furniture covering and signage. We stock ultra clear low Iron, and tinted Grey and Bronze satin etch. With Omni décor we have developed a collaboration to stock, several new patterns of Etched mirror that will be part of our standard line in the future.

Omni Decor Etch Mirror DecorFlou® Mirror - Also Available: Ultra Clear Low Iron


Barber Glass Black Tinted Mirror

Black Tint

Barber Glass Bronze Tinted Mirror

Bronze Tint

Barber Glass Grey Tinted Mirror

Grey Tint

Tinted mirror comes in different tints and has a soft modern finish that allows you to design with confidence. Grey, bronze, and black tints are always in our standard offering.


Barber Glass TV Mirror

We stock and custom manufacture any size of TV mirror (Pilkington MirroView™) for your design needs. Ideal for bathrooms, framed TV Mirrors, bars, lobby’s, digital signage and any custom application you can dream.


Barber Glass Custom Framd Mirrors

We stock and manufacture custom framed mirrors for any application. Barber Art Framing has over 1000 different options for your design needs.


Barber Glass Antique Mirror Selection

We also carry a wide variety of Antique Mirrors that have their own page on our website. Click the button below to see all of our Antique Mirror styles.

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