With the future changing the landscape of business and how we interact with one another, collectively as a nation we are responding.

As the workforce prepares to return to the office, many safety measures will need to be put in place to protect both the employees and customers from harmful bacteria or viruses that can be spread through sneezing, coughing, or even talking. Personal Protective Barriers (PPB’s) are an easy but effective solution to keep employees and customers safe and productive by creating a physical barrier using translucent polymers or glass.

Now more than ever it is imperative that your employees and customers are protected and have the knowledge to navigate the new norm as a top priority!


Personal Protective Barriers can be installed in between workstations, at reception desks, checkouts and many more (see applications for more info) to achieve proper self distancing protocols without redesigning your work area.

The slim sleek brackets come in satin anodized, black, imitation stainless, and chrome holding from 6mm to 15mm tempered glass, laminated glass, or acrylic (not recommended). This system is easy for anyone to install using high bond two-way tape on the base plates that adhere to the surface and can be removed when no longer required leaving your surface untouched. In the event you are looking for a permanent solution the clamps can be purchased without the base plate and screwed into the surface.


PPB-SML Max height of 24” above surface


 PPB-XL Max height of 31” above surface


PPB-XXL (coming soon)

PPB Finishes.JPG


With our worldwide partners, Custom Personal Protective Barriers of any size, shape, or design are available upon request if the standard offering above will not work for your space.


When choosing between Translucent Plastics or Glass we wanted to support you with the best information to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your people and the longevity of the system.


  • Porous Material making it harder to disinfect and requires constant upkeep for safety

  • Softer Material that scratches easily

  • Made with harsh chemicals and not easily recycled

  • Not chemical resistant and can yellow, crack, fog etc. when special cleaners are not used

  • Does not meet cleaning standards for hospitals and is not recommended for institutions and high traffic public areas

  • Can hold up to 3 times more bacteria than glass after cleaning

  • More expensive, cheaper quality, and will need to be replaced

  • No Coatings available to add antimicrobial properties


  • Non-porous material that is easy to disinfect keeping your workplace safe

  • Harder material that does not scratch easily

  • Easy to Recycle

  • Naturally, chemical resistant and can withstand the harshest cleaning measures

  • Preferred by hospitals, institutions, and high traffic Public zones. Glass meets 10:1 water-to-bleach standards

  • Holds 3 times less bacteria than translucent polymers after cleaning

  • Less expensive, premium product, and will have a long active lifespan

  • Coatings available to add antimicrobial properties

Plastics are commonly used because they are light weight and anyone can fabricate, however as noted above a less than permanent solution. Because glass is a more permeant solution, it does require more fastening through high bond two-way tape or anchors depending on the brackets selected.

The architectural intention of your space is very important. However, not as important as the safety of your people. We have a solution for every business to provide the confidence in the workplace for your employees, customers and ultimately their families. 

Personal Protective Barriers (Sneeze Guard) Applications

Restaurant Tables / Cafeterias
Pick up Stations
Food & Beverage
Car Dealerships
Reception Desks
Veterinarian Clinics
Display Protection
Doctor's Offices


Dental offices are at a high risk of spreading COVID-19  given the nature of dental procedures, the proximity of the operating field and the number of patients seen per day. Before the return to any degree of in-person care, measures must be implemented to create the protection necessary to operate under the “new normal” conditions. With continuous changes in procedures for safe re-opening,  Barber Glass has a wide range of custom hardware and glass solutions that can be designed to meet the most strict requirements of the Ontario Dental Association.